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Market Special… Local Squash Salad w/ roasted delicata, butternut squash, wild rice, roasted brussel sprouts, local chicories, grapes, pecorino & tossed in a honey-chili vinaigrette… Bacon-Cauliflower Soup w/ pomegranates, salsa verde & creme fraiche.

Sunday Brunch!

Chorizo Hash w/ local roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts, peperonata, sprouts & two sunny side up eggs… Strawberry-Sunflower Seed French Toast w/ housemade strawberry jam & lemon creme fraiche… Sweet Potato Coconut Soup w/ cilantro & sesame seeds. 100% Veggie!


Market Special… Fried Egg Sandwich w/ fresh coppa, housemade pickled fresno hot sauce, smoked gouda cheese sauce, arugula, mayo & sunny side up egg on housemade english muffin… Fargo-Vegetable Soup topped with local goat cheese & fresh herbs. 100% Veggie!

Sunday Brunch!

Buckwheat Porridge w/ roasted mushrooms, local mustard greens, almond milk, fresh herbs & a sunny side up egg… Plum French Toast w/ roasted plums, toasted hazelnuts & vanilla creme fraiche… Roasted Tomato Soup… Mimosa’s & Bellini’s all day long!


Market Special… Open Faced Prosciutto & Burrata Sandwich w/ housemade sauerkraut, salsa verde, sunny side up egg & sesame seeds on toasted whole wheat… Yellow-Eyed Pea Soup w/ local rapini, veggies & topped w/ local goat cheese. 100% Veggie!


Market Special… Avocado Toast w/ garlic aioli, local feta, turnips, shisho, za’atar, lemon balm oil & pickled red onion on toasted rye bread… Tomato Gazpacho w/ garlic croutons, anise hyssop & olive oil.

Sunday Brunch!

Sichuan Rice Bowl w/ local corn, mustard greens, pickled stems, okra, shisho, sichuan oil, togarashi-lime aioli & a sunny side up egg… Strawberry-Almond French Toast w/ lemon curd, vanilla creme fraiche & crushed almonds… Carrot-Ginger Soup… Mimosa’s & Bellini’s all day long!


Market Special… Local Tomato & Peach Salad w/ crispy farro, fresh herbs, radish, dried corn, sesame & a tarragon-buttermilk dressing… Roasted Tomato Soup. 100% Veggie!


Market Special… Jerk Chicken Burrito w/ roasted poblano crema, ginger-scallion sauce, cheddar cheese & cilantro rice… Roasted Tomato Soup.


Market Special… Egg Salad Sandwich with local radish, sunflower sprouts & butter lettuce on toasted brioche… Miso-Potato Soup topped with creme fraiche, anise & togarashi. 100% Veggie!

Sunday Brunch!

Local Roasted Porchetta w/ cheered eggplant-yogurt puree, salsa verde, local squash/lemon cucumber/feta salad & sunny side up egg… Raspberry-Almond French Toast w/ crushed almonds & lemon creme fraiche… Potato-Leek Soup w/ creme fraiche & chives… Mimosa’s & Bellini’s all day long!


Market Special… Plum & Quinoa Salad w/ local arugula, queso fresco, crushed almonds, pickled red onion, shishito peppers, mint & tossed in a lemon-basil vinaigrette… Vegetable-Sausage Soup w/ lots of local veggies & topped w/ local goat cheese & fresh herbs.


Vegetable Farro Soup topped with fresh herbs & local goat cheese…


Market Special… Proscuitto Panini w/ roasted peaches, padron pepper pesto, whipped ricotta & fresh herbs on toasted sourdough…Roasted Tomato Soup…100% Veggie!


Mediterranean Eggs w/ all local squash, cucumber & tomato salad, stracciatella, sumac, pita & two sunny side up eggs… Banana Croissant French Toast w/ chocolate creme fraiche & toasted almonds… Coconut-Carrot Soup… Mimosa’s & Bellini’s all day long!


Market Special… Korean Sloppy Joe w/ local ground pork, radicchio-bacon kimchi and B&B pickles on toasted brioche. Veggie-Lentil Soup w/ local goat cheese & fresh herbs… 100% Veggie

Sunday Brunch!

Summer Hash w/ local braised radicchio, tomatoes, squash, snap peas, fingerlings, kimchi puree, sunny side egg & fresh herbs… Strawberry-Almond French Toast w/ passion fruit-vanilla bean curd & lemon creme fraiche… Tortilla Soup… Mimosa’s & Bellini’s all day long!


Asparagus-Lemon Soup topped w/ lots of fresh herbs, sunflower seeds & creme fraiche… 100% Veggie


Market Special… Sorrel Potato Salad w/ local potatoes, nasturtium butter fried egg, arugula, pecorino, basil & anise hyssop… Roasted Tomato Soup… 100% Veggie!


Market Special… Local Wax Bean & Plum Salad w/ pt. reyes blue cheese, local tomatoes, sumac pickled onions, basil, dried corn, toasted almonds & tossed in a green goddess dressing… Corn Chowder topped w/ smoked ham & pea shoots.

Sunday Brunch!

Summer Quinoa Bowl w/ local roasted beets, feta, pickled snap peas, carrot butter, tomatoes, corn broth, pea shoots & a sunny side egg… Strawberry Croissant French Toast w/ candied pecans & lemon creme fraiche… Carrot-Ginger Soup… Mimosa’s & Bellini’s all day long!


Market Special… Burrata & Melon Salad w/ @LaQuercia Prosciutto, toasted buckwheat, pickled ruhbarb vinaigrette, arugula, basil & radish… Roasted Tomato Soup.

Sunday Brunch!

Pulled Pork Fried Egg Sandwich w/ local coffee cured pork, housemade BBQ sauce, ranch slaw & a sunny side egg on toasted brioche… Banana-Pecan French Toast w/ candied pecans, chocolate creme fraiche & cacao nibs… Chilled Potato & Caramelized Fennel Soup… Mimosa’s & Bellini’s all day long!


Market Special… Chicken Tinga Sandwich w/ local radicchio slaw, zucchini, avocado, fermented hot sauce & lime crema on toasted brioche… Tortilla Soup w/ cilantro, creme fraiche & tortilla strips. 100% Veggie

Sunday Brunch!

Panzanella Hash w/ local kale, squash, tomato, basil, red onion, feta, garlic croutons, fingerlings & topped w/ a sunny side up egg… Strawberry-Hazelnut French Toast w/ toasted hazelnuts & chocolate creme fraiche… Roasted Tomato Soup

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